Release : George Kant & Joachim Papas – The Cube EP (OUT SOON)

Available soon

New release on Tapas Recordings from George Kant & Joachim Papas with The Cube EP.  It opens up with energy sticken beats that hypnotize along with filtered, ghostly synths that undulate causing a heavy dark reaction that is everything but scary. Every once in a while a sweet snare pops in to give this track a little something special.  The melody is simple and understated, modest songs that feel authentic and inspired by the underground.  I like the second track- it’s got a nice little jump to the beat and a dark bass sound that skips along side.  The third track rounds it out with something steady and heavy until the break and then they kind of get a little dirty with it, dropping a sort of breakbeat reminiscent like style and eventually leading us back to the underground.  The whole album feels like a night drive through the dessert while tripping on acid and even though everything is moving quickly, you’re feeling it in slow mo… but somehow you stay right in the center of it all, just where the beat moves you.



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  1. emilio

    love the description!

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