Mix : Re-UP – Invade Showcase @ Forty Five

Re-UP – Invade Showcase @ Forty Five
(Hasselt,BE – 24.05.14)
Re-UP session recorded live at Invade Showcase

“Leo and Omar of Re-UP find themselves in a very unique position; in an industry that often gives duos a very short shelf life. Both soaked up inspiration from the house scene of the late 90’s, taking in all aspects from progressive, tribal and techno. As the pair worked hard for the years that followed; they realised that although they had separate identities and ideals when it came to the music they loved, the sound that they were beginning to form for themselves as a duo was almost a perfect middle ground. An interesting splattering of sexy house and rolling techno grooves.

A relocation to Barcelona also played a huge part in their growth as artists. During their stay they managed to find their feet in the studio whilst spending invaluable time with established producers like Marc Antona and Marco Resmann. Once the pair returned to Italy they made it their mission to help lead the rise of popular label; Kina Music. It became their musical home and they helped develop a huge span of support from some of the biggest hitters in the industry, whilst still retaining a strong underground profile.

The long running residency at TAG Afterparty has enabled Re-UP to develop and explore their musical direction through the medium of creating different atmospheres. The event has become a huge hit and a “must visit” for both local Italians and visiting club cadets.

With a back catalogue stacked with releases that have destroyed floors the world over, as well as some unreal remixes for pioneers such as TiNi, Tiefschwarz and Miguel Lobo; the scene is set for this to be Re-UP’s break out year. “


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