Mix : RAHA @ DOMMUNE June 14 2014

“Without a doubt the man that knows the dance floor best in Japan. As of August 2013, his career as a DJ is only five years long. However, Raha has first hand experience in the club scene through his career as a street dancer from the early 90’s. As he has been a genuine clubber for over 20 years, he has the inspiration and deep understanding, which are rare talents in Japan. He has world class vision, a quick response to trends and unmistakable drive that supersedes professional DJs with long careers and is making a quick ascent in the scene.

He believes that in order to capture the moments on the dance floor, you need to have danced frantically on the dance floor yourself.

He works across the genre of dance music in a broad sense and works as an artist and producer, showing his versatility. He has been a party organizer for 20 years, and have produced the pioneering parties “Ooooze”, “RAHA’s Lounge”, “Boogie Nights” and “MAIN STREET (dancer scene)”, which have earned him acclaim as a crucial character and trend setter.

In 2013, his current style encompasses deep and funky – minimal, techno, tech house and deep house – around 122 to 126 bpm. His genuine groove has been developed through his experience as a dancer and clubber. He constantly pays attention to the dance floor during his sets, which are extremely popular with the general public, and even more by seasoned clubbers.

RAHA’s Life Work, visiting Ibiza for more than 13 years every summer seasons, in 2012, RAHA made a big impact on playing as a first Asian resident DJ at the “PCB RADIO” monthly which radio station is based in Ibiza and France. With this success, RAHA have been playing at the most cutting edge dance festival in Japan called WOMB ADVENTURE , Nagisa Festival regularly, as well as playing at one of the most biggest online radio station U-STREAM at DOMMUNE and Ibiza Global Radio , not only that, RAHA is also known as an international act in Spain, UK, Germany, Chile, Russia, and Korea, RAHA is the one who keeps evolving with his unique sound so keep looking at coming years from now on wards.”


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