JULY 25 2014_Brussels (BE) Meakusma Pres Workshop Night @ Recyclart


Date / Friday, 25 July 2014
Time / 22:00 – 05:00
Venue / Recyclart – Ursulinenstraat 25; Brussels 1000
Cost / 5
Line-up /

Kassem Mosse (live)
Marcellis DJ
Even Tuell & Midnightopera

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On July 25th, meakusma is proud to present the already legendary house music label Workshop. Since 2006, Lowtec and Even Tuell have been running Workshop as a different kind of house label, avoiding bravado and hype.
Kassem Mosse, the perhaps most famous Workshop artist today, will be playing live. His recent full album was acclaimed worldwide as an essential and highly original house music update. Everyone who has ever seem him play live knows to expect nothing but the highest quality from this house producer that continuously keeps reinventing himself and the genre.
Marcellis, whose release on Workshop has proven to be one of the most essential house music releases of the past ten years, will DJ. His DJ-sets are informed and subtly eclectic. They push the boundaries of what people have come to expect from house music and even upset the patterns a bit, without losing focus of his own very original take on groove.
Even Tuell and Midnightopera will DJ together and show why they embody the spirit of Workshop perfectly. Workshop is deep, subtle and different. It plays with house music signifiers and turns them upside down.
This party is a midsummer night present in the unique and charming framework of the Recyclart Holidays festival. Last year’s edition (which featured Svengalisghost, Anno Stamm, Sensu and Sofa) was a slammer, so let’s top it!


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