AUGUST 24 2014_Brussels (BE) Open Air w Maayan Nidam / Doubtingthomas / Clovis & more


Date / Sunday, 24 August
Time / 12:0022:00 in UTC+02
Venue / Place poelaert 1000 Bruxelles
Cost / 6€
Line-up /
Maayan Nidam (Perlon, Lessizmore // Berlin)
Doubthingthomas live (Lessizmore // Berlin)
Clovis (Lessizmore // Los Angeles)
Pierre (Lessizmore, Fuse // Brussels)
Issa Maïga (Lessizmore // Brussels)
Nathan Øye (Brüxsel Jardin // Brussels)
Promotional Links / Facebook event / Lessizmore
▸ FUNKTION-ONE  ▸ Veggie Food & BBQ
Summertime summertime… We’ve been enjoying those past few sunny weeks and hope you did the same. Save you strength because on August 24th we’re back again for the last open air at Place Poelaert this year. We’re inviting our close friends from Lessizmore over for a showcase. They’ll bring the music, we’ll take care of the rest.. A perfect match !

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