Release : Amo & Coriesu – Voc’s G on LSD EP



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Amo, coming at you like a shotgun, boooom!! This album packs major ammunition in the form of beasts, I mean beats and bass. Teaming up with Coriesu for the EP track, entitled “The Voc”, they’re bringing us hard-hitting rhythms that will shake the walls around you into crumbling rubble, which only reveals more darkness. Filtered male vocals echo, reminding us it’s a “Merry Christmas muthafucker” and dance. The Monkey Coops remix turns it up a notch, carrying a little more decadence and abstraction on the original version. The beat jumps a little higher on this one, while the original remains more subdued within its obscurity and sound. Amo goes solo with “LSD Girl” and isn’t messing around here either. He’s weaving reverberations of sounds that crash into spoken word vocals and drop you into the abyss of deep. The elements are fused together so that each resonance blends seamlessly together. Amo keeps it low while Drana’s remix brings the track up an octave or two, giving it a little more of a hollowed out and industrial feel. This one has a bit of a dreamy vibe to it, which seems to reflect the words throughout the song “it’s a magic world” and while listening to this EP, it just might be.

Review by @oncewasnow <3

Amo @dj-am0
Coriesu @coriesuproducer
Drana @drana-greece
Monkey Coops @monkeycoopsofficial


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