Release : Verrina & Ventura – Il Pavone di Oz


Out soon on Only 300 Family Records

When this release was passed along to me I was asked which song was my favorite… I proceeded to listen to the snippets on soundcloud and was captured by a melodic journey where favorites didn’t exist because each note carried me to a necessary place.  Verrina & Ventura are the captains navigating us along this journey, waves and voices from the long lost are accompanied by hypnotic constellations that help lead the way.  I’m filled with a sense of joy and anticipation… there’s tension within every caress of sound, and this contrast is what makes me love this album even more.  Similar to being out at sea, where the tides shift until clouds break and sunlight shines through, each track carries it’s own movement and experience that pours into the next.  To top it off, they’ve brought in Birdsmakingmachine and Praslesh (Raresh & Praslea) to remix the album title track, IL PAVONE DI OZ.  Where the original version carries us through a dream, that dream is then filtered into two completely different experiences where one is industrialized, or rather in-dust-realized… and where Praslesh offers another chance to dream.




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