Mix : Nightclubber Podcast 114 – Ian F.

“Ian F. was blessed with the awareness that music is all about the feelings, soul searching, passion and dedication. It’s an art form based on inhaling impressions of the World how it is, processing them intimately, while expressing your own vision of the World how it should be trough notes and harmonies. Ian F does this on various levels: as a producer, deejay and promoter.

Long time Ambasada Gavioli resident and a driving force of Colours Music has explored the art of improvisation at an early age, indulged heavily on alternative as a teenager, and nurtured this passion even more after becoming a music professional more than a decade ago.

His vision of club culture coincides with the philosophy of Jesus Loved You collective in which he acts as an artist, A&R and event manager. He is a regular supporting act at the legendary K4 club in Ljubljana and inescapable performer at major events and festivals in Slovenia and wider region. He performed on dance floors in Ibiza, Greece, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, ex Yugoslavian countries…

Currently he spends most of the off-deck time developing his own concept of studio process built on blending electronic and organic sounds trough collaborations with various artists and live musicians, being focused on producing complex arrangements rather than striped-down tracks. After a series of releases on selected labels in Europe, Asia and the USA (Jesus Loved You, Sleep is Commercial, Session DeLuxe, SK Supreme), he’s dedicated to spread his smooth eclectic noise even further in the forthcoming months…”


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