Release : BirdsMakingMachine – BMM 05 EP


Marking a difference with the previous releases, the sixth chapter of the birdsmakingmachine saga comes as a two-tracker, announcing a special double pack that will be divided between BMM005 and BMM006. The A-side of BMM 005, ‘Icaros’, is an elegant dancefloor warmer that encompasses all the signature ingredients of the birds, dreamy pads, jazzy hi-hats, metallic percussive elements and quirky Fx touches. On the flip side we find ‘Inland Sickness’, a slightly darker affair fusing together eerie pads, whooshing sound effects, forming an intricate net of sound layers with a refined industrial touch but still bringing the pressure to the floor with a solid drum pattern. BMM 005 is yet another example of the Birds’ ability to craft miniature grooves with an attitude.


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