Release : Midi Records Romania 001

“Club Midi is one of the most respected and loved establishments to come out of the Eastern part of Europe in recent years. As the saying goes, the proof lies in the pudding, Club Midi being a part of DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs for quite a while now, therefore it’s not surprising that they decided to embark on a new journey with their very own label, Midi Records Romania.
The first release, simply entitled “Primu’’”, sets the tone for things to come, as it uncompromisingly proposes a double 12” package featuring 4 pieces from our local heroes Mihigh, Arapu, Barac, Priku and Sepp.
Disc 1 kicks off the A side with a collaboration between club resident Mihigh and Arapu. It’s the only collaboration of the record however don’t be fooled, it’s a powerful one to say the least. It’s not easy to put into words why it is so, but don’t be afraid to let yourself be hypnotised by it.
The B side sees Barac do what Barac does best, make you go “woah, where did that come from?!”, although that’s the last thing you’ll be thinking of when you hear it, as it has quite a few memorable things going on inside that you’ll love it the more you listen to it.
Disc 2 is the more subtle one of the pair however equally as addictive and certainly justifies why there are 2 parts to this debut release. Side C picks up the tone and mood of the first 2 side and takes it to another place entirely with eerie vocals in the forefront and a strong groove to carry it, and you, far far away, the only way Priku knows how. Finally, last but certainly not least there’s Sepp’s effort, “Nopti Tacute” to end the package on a high note. It’s the more “tamed” of the bunch but we find a great deal of charm and finesse in the loose and somewhat otherworldly pads.
All together, we can certainly say it’s an impressive effort from MRR and it’s safe to assume that this is the standard to keep or surpass with the next releases, which we can’t wait to hear! Until then, keep a close eye out for “Primu’’”, which is dropping in record shops in October.”

(review by nightclubber)

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