Release : Conforce – Machine Conspiracy (3X LP)


“Back in 2010, Boris Bunnik released his first full-length album, Machine Conspiracy, through the now defunct Meanwhile label. Delsin is re-issuing it along with Love & Hate, the EP that came at the same time which features three tracks from the full length album. Machine Conspiracy came a few years after Conforce had first emerged and was a magnificent dub, techno and electro opus that made for a complete listen from start to finish as well as offering up some key dancefloor tracks. Showcasing the skills that have since made Conforce a household name in underground circles, the album is full of analogue invention, seriously moody atmospheres and non standard textures, patterns and feelings. Released on CD, digitally, black vinyl and on limited transparent vinyl, this is an album every one needs in their collection.”


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