Release : Raresh – Vivaltu EP


12 releases strong already, [a:rpia:r] has been silent for the last 2 years, since Petre Inspirescu’s Gradina Onirica hit the shelves of your favourite record shop. It is now Raresh’s turn to release something special and indeed he did.

Vivaltu is an old gem, a subtle uplifting track driven by a powerful resonator, perfect for that “special moment”. The male mumbling voices provide the track with that extra eclectic feel. This is in fact Raresh’s only track on Vivaltu EP, the rest are remixes.

Side B presents a minimal house interpretation remix by none other than chilean legend and friend, Ricardo Villalobos. The resonator is still here but in come some childish voices to make it all perfect. Perfect for the dancefloor.

Side C brings forward another member of the [a:rpia:r] family, none other than contemporary wizard Petre Inspirescu. His take has a very cinematic approach, building and building for 4 minutes before the kick even starts. The rich percussive atmosphere is completed with a brilliant melody reminiscent of his classical experiments. This track is an absolute masterpiece !

Aloe Varu is the third chosen for this remix pack and indeed he was chosen wise. His stripped down remix spans for 13 minutes and completes the story of [a:rpia:r] 13.

Format: Vinyl Limited RORO

Release : 26.01.2015


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