JANUARY 10 2015_London (UK) Music Is Art // 1 Year Anniversary – Arapu / Isherwood / Little Hado @ Bar 512


Date /
Time / 22:00 – 06:00
Venue / Bar 512 – 512 Kingsland Road; Dalston; London E8 4AE
Cost / 10 £
Line-up /

Arapu (Sunrise, RO)

Isherwood (Lize Records)

Little Hado (Music Is Art)

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Music Is Art will be back on the 10th of January for the first of its anniversaries in London. As the first of many to come, this night will mark both a “1 Year of label” cornerstone for Music Is Art Records as well as Little Hado’s Birthday.

Since this is the first anniversary edition, we decided to put together an exceptional lineup that is sure to mark a special night which set to be full of surprises.

✪ Arapu ( Sunrise )

Ionut Arapu known as ARAPU was passionate about music from an early age. Arapu had his first contact with electronic music at the age of 14 years at Delahoya Festival in Cluj Napoca & TmBase Timisoara. When turning 15, his passion for playing music as a DJ became a fact in his own town where he used to organise break beat and drum and bass parties for a group of people who liked those genders.
After 2008 he makes himself known on the house stage in Romania. He has a huge respect for music and he wants to build a secure career in electronic music. He had the opportunity to play music with popular Djs and also was invited to various Romanian radio shows and abroad.
From the beginning of 2011, Arapu had the opportunity to play abroad in England, France, Ukraine, Holland, Bulgaria. And now more and more parties are about to come. His new productions are very popular and well appreciated abroad.
His music receives a great feedback from artists like: Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Ozer, Rhadoo, Pedro, Raresh, Valentino Kanzyani and many others. His first vinyl „SLUM” came out in July 2012 at Te Iubesc Records, a young electronic music label which has as main goal to export the underground Romanian sound. Also another few vinyls are about to come soon.

✪ Isherwood ( Lize Records )

Isherwoods ideas does not follow any specific idealism on music genre but has now developed a unique style. He is recognised as a deep thinking musician taking the transcending paradigm shift from the soul of nostalgia to using hardware and software to practice creationism and arrangement, with influences from foreign lands, studying sequence patterns, juxtaposed with dusty house lo fi vibes from the moody heart of Manchester.

With Isherwood’s desired sound and musical expression devoted to the underground floors of clubs, you will hear music with depth created from deep rooted thought patterns that prevail his respect for avant-garde and experimentalist thinkers that are still connected with realism and the present moment. He has played the likes of club Der Visionnaire, Hoppetosse, Undersound and other underground parties made for artists who like to collect vinyl and feel a general warmness through the connection between the records played.

✪ Little Hado ( Music Is Art)

First of all, Little Hado is a person with great passion for quality sounds. Starting with year 2008, his passion rapidly became a burning desire to learn how to play and produce music.

From then on, in just one year he was invited to play at various parties – his first party was at an After Hours at Mash-up Club in Bucharest – thus gaining more experience and getting to know how and what can make a person move smoothly on the dance floor.

Always open to new ideas and in continuous research for better sounds, his musical spectrum ranges from house to techno and even experimental.


For conc. list (£12) send your full names to :


or you can get your Tickets Adv for £10 on RA Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?652908

Our chosen venue has a limit on capacity, please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment. We will hold a small amount of tickets for the door just in case.


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