Mix : Nima Gorji for Once Was Now + Interview

Very excited to bring you an exclusive mix for Once Was Now, kindly made by Nima Gorji, bringing us seamless grooves that span over the course of a full career, going strong.  With this we also include a short interview giving you a chance to get a first hand introduction if you haven’t already heard.

Questions & Answers with Nima Gorji –

You were born in Iran, can you talk about what the electronic music scene is like, if any? Is your family there and if so can you talk a little about the significance of your roots there and how music came into your life…

10625101_680896701993209_8345596024136383695_nYes I was born in Iran but I haven’t been there since I was 13 years old, which is now almost 30 years ago. For what I hear about the electronic scene there, there simply isn’t any, only a few private house party’s by some rich Posh people, who can pay a lot to bribe the Police to let it happen.

My family and I, we were refugees when we came to Denmark in the 1980s, but I remember my roots, which started in Iran, and with having my father as a guitar player in a band in Tehran, he would bring me along with my mom to many of his gigs and rehearsal’s…these were happy memories for me. 

What’s the difference between Welt Recordings and the new label NG Trax?

Welt Recordings is focused more on long, abstract tracks with the dance floor in mind, and with a friendly touch. NG Trax was created around my idea for more the “tool” tracks of mine, of course the label is open for other artist and friends to come and experiment with, and music mostly designed at directly moving the dance floor.

Can you talk a little about your experience with the Moscow music scene versus Denmark versus Ibiza?

10245306_507792289326778_8616124803262630638_nIn Denmark unfortunately I don’t have any real gigs anymore as the scene has shrunk to a minimum, and for me it’s too focused on being super fashionable and flashy. As for Ibiza, well its Ibiza. Let’s say even if the scene is only 10% underground and 90% super commercial horror shows, we still manage to love it here, and we enjoy more the after party scene going on here.

How do you view your experience as a Dj now compared to ten years ago?

My experience is that I am still learning how to deal with constant changes in the scene and that which is happening in music industry, both local and in the world around us, sometimes good, sometimes not.

10635762_314529455417406_7329929458848645908_nCan you talk about some projects you have going on and coming up?

In 2015 there will be a few new releases from me and my friends on Welt Recordings and NG Trax, keep your eyes and ears out for them. As well I have some music coming on other labels such as Bla Bla Music and Melisma, and naturally more to come following those… And there will be lots of touring and gigs coming up for me, so quiet a few things ahead.

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