Mix : ART E # 003 podcast – 0x7f, DE @ LIVE

“Stefan Klaas aka 0x7f [31337 records / Abandoned Audio / Nervmusic]
Stefan was born in 1983 and started music production at the age of 16 with a Roland MC-303/XP-10, Yamaha QY-70 and a few years later a couple Korg Electribes. In the beginning of 2007 he founded his own label 31337 Records along with Philip Rauh and Sebastian Koch. Shortly following his first ep on 31337 – out of the blue, a whole album in 2008 and another EP in 2012 with remixes by Akiko Kiyama, Ditch and Sil from the Easy Changes duo. He contributed single tracks on various compilations aswell and did remixes for artists like Remute or Topper. In 2014 he and his partners founded the label Abandoned Audio which focuses on experimental audiovisual works and by the end of 2014, he also became co-manager at the label Nervmusic. As side project he’s part of the 8Bit Operators, an artist collective focusing on retro computer music (also known as chiptunes or 8bit). In 2007 they released a Kraftwerk cover Vinyl on New Yorks finest label Astralwerks. Stefan is currently working on his next few vinyl EP’s and a digital album, all to be released in 2015. When playing live, his sets contain a lot of variation and emotional progression, merging different minimalistic genres. He had international gigs in the past ranging from Europe to Russia, where his favorite was Berlin’s charming Paloma and Moscow’s legendary ARMA17. 0x7f’s current style is a mix between subtle minimal techno and deep melodic tracks. His talent to twist own field recordings into choppy rhythms or spheric crackling textures, will surely be enjoyed by everyone who loves minimal and glitch.”


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