Mix : Discogs Mix 26 – Cristi Cons

“Cristi Cons’s affair with music began in his childhood, when he started playing the cello. He did it for more than 18 years, graduating the National Music Academy in Bucharest 2 years ago. He started djing about 8 years ago and since he has developed a very special and unique sound. His mixing skills and talent pushed him in the booth of the best clubs in Europe and along today’s top dj’s. Electronic music production has been his number one interest in the last years whether he was doing it alone or with Vlad Caia under the SIT (Sideways Invisibility Theory) monicker, a project born in 2009. Together with Vlad Caia he is running the AMPHIA label, unique in all its forms, composition, artwork and quality. As a cello player he is also involved in Petre Inspirescu’s π Ensemble project. Last year, “Numiris” EP was released on Amphia, a collaboration between Vlad, Raresh and Cristi under the “Verico” moniker.”


About Once Was Now

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