Release : Giash – Lovecraft LP

LOVECRAFT LP by Giash, mastered by Pheek. Out in March 2015 on Archipel Records
Artwork by Max Binski.

“Musician of Hungarian origin. Giash was born in 1987 and attended secondary school in Budapest, where his relationship with electronic music stepped into a higher level.

His musical career started in the year of 2008, when his very first EP – MY LITTLE LADYBIRDS – got released by Shovel Records. The track gained wide attention in the electronic scene and became a most-played sound all over the world. At first the song reached the #1 position in Beatport Minimal Chart and then it achieved the top of the Beatport Main Chart. The following period his new sounds got released with the tracks of a lots of talented musicians. Then a little quieter period occurs with fewer publications, more and more experimentation. In 2013 he meets the love of his life and founded the ‘April Reals’ formation. In this way theirs music is more emotional more about nice melodies and positive feelings, but still trying to stay in the set of electronic music.

His style and musical attitude are based on the roots of techno and house music with many minimalist motives in an experimental way; always looking for new expressions and solutions. These things keep him and his music alive. In the cretion process he is only an equipment, and the biggest things are made randomly. His works are intended to symbolize the endless treasury of opportunities offered by our precise world. None of his songs are similar to each other. He is in a permanent change, just like his sounds. He claims: quality is important because it gives people a legitimate reason to become excited.”



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