Release : Zendid – Wood Lesty EP


New discovery !!!  Plaisir is a French booking agency representing some of the most talented up and coming Djs that has now expanded with a label division.  You can check out their debut EP from the duo Zendid, called Wood Lesty.  The EP title track comes in like a cool boom with background reverberations of female vocals that carry the soulful emotion of this sweet sound.  Second track entitled, Biantour maintains that ethereal atmosphere and rousing beat but with a little bit more bass and drive.  Each track builds to the next and then we arrive at the Wood Lesty reconstruction mix provided by one of Plaisir’s other represented artists by the name of VID aka Egal 3.  He takes the original and drives it through another dimension where I can feel my heart skip a beat with each reiteration, layers of sounds that take us on a magic carpet ride through glitches of scenic cities and colors.  Adrian Belling and Leenn’y, the two who make up the group Zendid, came out strong for Plaisir and I will definitely be looking out for future releases from here forward.

Soundcloud Links / Plaisir Records / Zendid / Adrian Belling / Leenn’y


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