Mix : YAY Podcast #019 – Dasha Redkina

On the heels their 4th year anniversary, YAY presents their 19th podcast with Dasha Redkina !!!

“Dasha focuses her energy on expressing herself, whether it is through music, photography or film. Her DJ sets range between deep and jacking house, to old school and contemporary techno, experimental and ambient, delivered purely on vinyl with a sense of elegance and feminine grace. As a teenager she moved from Kiev to Moscow to Brighton to London, first being influenced by soviet rock and classical music, and later in Britain by acid house, funk, disco and techno. 
In London University she studied Sound and Film, acquiring a closer relationship to the technical side of music and moving image, exploring the medium much deeper and learning to manipulate it, create it and apply it. In 2006 for part time work as a student Dasha was working in a record shop after school ,which gave her a music library to immerse in and build her own collection. Loving to spend hours in record shops all around Europe, Dasha gathered a selective range of music. Always listening to current and old, filtering with her taste and refining her ear.
First gigs started in London warehouse parties in 2007 and a year later she was seen to play in Berlin (Watergate), Ibiza (Underground), Barcelona (Sonar festival’08), Romania (Sunwaves festival – 2010 & 2011) and in summer 2011 her debut set with Ricardo Villalobos in Kazantip festival (Ukraine) opened new horizons. In 2011 Dasha returned to live in Moscow and became a resident of ARMA17 club , bringing the russian scene what she has gained with the western musical experiences. Her obsession and support for vinyl records has spread to Moscow too. She is the director and ideologist of ‘Vinyl Picnic’, a quarterly event in Moscow gathering music experts, DJs , record shops and private vinyl collectors, who exchange their interests and have a platform to dig, exchange, buy and sell records. In the last year she was seen in best clubs amongst best line ups of Berlin, London, Bucharest, Paris, Ibiza, Florence, Rome and her hometown Kiev.

As well as spinning vinyl, she is also a visual artist, having worked on various film and video projects, collaborating with musicians such as Petre Inspirescu, Soundwalk Collective and Nastia. Currently living between Moscow and Berlin, Dasha is perfecting her own visual show, which will accompany her DJ sets and eventually merge into a live audio-visual performance, when her musical productions will also kick off in near future.”


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