Plaisir Records Interview + Ali Moghrani MIX


Representing the likes of VID, Ada Kaleh and the rest of this amazingly talented roster of DJs/producers, Plaisir Records has, and continues to push quality parties, along with the new label division that is releasing kick-ass sounds. One of their own, Ali Moghrani was generous enough to provide an exclusive mix to go along with the Plaisir interview where we get a little more insight into how this particular collective is influencing the game.

Questions & Answers with Plaisir  :

Who are the masterminds behind Plaisir Records and how did it come to form itself?

Plaisir Records & Agency is born from the friendship of 2 friends who share the same love of music: Dirty B., who’s djing since the early 2000’s, and Romeo, who’s graphic artist. We’ve known each other for 15 years and started organizing parties (PARTY, Sol City) in 2008 in our hometown: Toulouse France. During these years, we met friends who were djing with us and some of them were producing and starting to release their tracks on different labels. From that point we thought “why not create our own label?”, to release our friend’s music. As we organized a lot of parties with some big names, we knew how the booking side was working and we decided to add a booking agency to the label. The goal is to make our artists “shine” with the releases in order to find them dates later on.

Can you talk about the kind of sound that your agency/label is attracted to?

It would be a lie if we were saying that we don’t like the music of the Romanian scene. I guess we’re into something between Minimal, Techno & House. What we like is the groove, the melody that can bring you to another level in your mind. As we have a house background too, we’re not closed on releasing tracks of this style, maybe with still a minimal touch. The final goal after all is to create a unique mood and make people dance on it :)

Tell me about the artists you work with?

1890375_588086638004850_5842807420430536220_oAs we said earlier, the first artists to enter our label/agency are close friends. We believe in their talent and that’s why we decided to create Plaisir Records. Another thing is that they’re really good at djing, they can feel the crowd and that’s very important to us. About Ada Kaleh and Plusculaar (the two Romanians in our crew), the main point is that we really like their music. We contacted them directly and they liked what we were building, so we’re glad they decided to join our adventure. It was the same with VID. We booked him for a party and as the feeling was there, he listened to Zendid’s tracks and said yes to do the remix which was huge news for our 1st release.

Even if we’re a young label, we receive music everyday and some tracks are good. But we really want to focus on our artists first for our releases and looking for a good remixer on each one.

What is your experience with the “underground” music scene in France these days compared to other parts of Europe?

We’ve been involved in a lot of parties as dj’s or promoters in our town since years.

Things evolve naturally in terms of what people listen. When we started, there was a lot of minimal techno, then tech house was growing, then after things went to deep house but at the same time big techno was reemerging too. I guess it’s a circle in some ways. People seem to be more open and aware of what they’re going to listen to. We can see a lot of smaller promoters growing which means much more parties and much more choices for clubbers. Since the last 4 years, things are moving in France. For example, Paris is really becoming bigger than 4 years ago. We’re not saying that everything is perfect because we’d love that more people enjoyed our type of sound but we won’t give up :)

Can you talk about some of your releases thus far and what you have coming up?

We released our 1st EP last February made by Zendid with a remix from VID. The feedbacks were really good on it and the EP was sold out in one month. We’re happy because it was like our little baby and we know Zendid for a long time. They’re really good producers and the remix from VID was the cherry on the cake to make a good start. There will be represses coming soon before june.
We have our 2nd EP coming in September. This one is made by Ali Moghrani. He’s a close friend too and his production skills are great. This EP is gonna be more “dancefloor” but still in our spirit. We also have the chance to have a great remixer on this one, from Romania: FASTER (Vinyl club, The Rabbit Hole / Romania).

PLAISIR Website / Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

ALI MOGHRANI Facebook / Soundcloud / RA


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