Release : Mesa Remixed 1


Crossing probably every tech – house subgenre, Mesa Recordings runs the gamut on various styles fused together for this latest release, Mesa Remixed 1, a compilation showcasing brand new remixes of eighteen songs from the Santa Fe-based electronic-music label’s inspired back catalog. Remixes featuring DoubtingThomas, Dr.Nojoke, Sven Laux and many more. You can hear the hypnotic air of the dessert breathing hard through the opening track Gone (Revy Remix), segueing into the glitch madness of the night with Dr. Nojoke’s remix of Thirds. As the album progresses it slows down into a moody subgenre of who the fuck knows and who cares, that one vocal which comes in on Blacktop Picnic (D Numbers Remix) and the way the beat ebbs and flows is seductive to my ears.   The Brush (Psilosamples Remix) also tickled my spirit, giving me that little bounce in the ounce. You can’t get to where you’re going unless you take the necessary roads to get there, each song is placed deliberately leading you through a landscape of sound. It’s definitely a journey this one.

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