Release : Verrina & Ventura – UNO EP (+ Interview)


Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura draw inspiration from the cult poem HOWL for their new side project, a label that is created for DJs by DJs. There’s no need to compromise when the space allows for exactly what you envision, and Verrina and Ventura aren’t making any compromises with their first release on HOWL entitled UNO. 

Questions & Answers with Giovanni Verrina :

What is the motivation behind starting Howl Records and what separates it from All Inn Records?

I’m still in love and doing my best for All Inn Records, but I simply wanted to start something from zero… from the real beginning- in what it means to choose a name, the name coming from an idea and in this case the idea stems from an Allen Ginsberg poem called Howl. The primary reason for this label is so that we can press music exactly the way we want to. Sometimes when you send music to other labels you find yourself having to compromise on some of the things you really love. Other times, the release process can drag out and by the time the EP comes out, it doesn’t quite match up in my mind, so for me the best way would be to press as soon as possible while it’s still fresh.

What is the inspiration for sound that you infused into these tracks on the debut album?

Things come easily when you are being true to yourself. There’s a lot of inspiration everywhere and from many years of DJing and clubbing, but this time we did it without following any particular scene, sound or cool movement of the moment- just producing what we want to play 

How did you go about choosing the order for the tracks on the album?

We wanted to press a single EP at first, then we started playing them at gigs and we realized which ones really fit together and went in that direction for the final sequence… it’s an easy pleasure that tells a small story with sound.

Tell me about yours and Ventura’s collaboration experience and process?

We met at a party the same way we’ve met anyone else through numerous weekend parties but this time it just happened to be perfectly in tune. Since then we started playing back to back and have since become close friends, sharing music ideas for projects and every time we we’ve been in the same vibe so things come easily and natural.

What can we expect to see in the future from Howl?

The first thought was to press only our own music, but out of undeniable love and respect for other artists, we opened up to some friends where the flow also comes easy. We’ve received some special tunes for upcoming releases that we’ve decided to keep for Howl, along with a special remix from us. More to come…

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