Featurette: A NIGHT OUT AT GOA


The evening started off well, in the company of friends we arrived at the club quite early. The atmosphere in the pre-evening was very interesting, there is the sensation that I’m going to one of the biggest clubs on the scene. There is a lot of emotion because it is also the first time for me. Perhaps the lineup is not what I wanted for this first experience, but for someone who frequents the club scene it is a necessary trip one must make, to see the likes of Goa.  At 12.45 there is already a lot of people, the target age is quite high and that makes me feel at ease. In Italy it is difficult to encounter a more mature audience when going out to clubs at night but Goa showed me there is still room for us in this world.  The decor is well maintained, the room is quite dark, but a nice dark. The details are manicured, the walls are black with a lot of old-style paintings on the walls and antique frames.  One thing that really struck me was when you are on the dance floor and you look up, you see two circus characters on a swing.  In one area of the room there was little glass button that said push, when I pressed the button a type of children’s music box with little horses exit and follow a track that illuminates.  The DJ console is slightly elevated which doesn’t give the best view but the console expands on each side where you can go up and listen to the music as well.  The sound system is one of the best I’ve heard recently, the bass comes straight to the chest and causes a great amount of pleasure, just the way I like it.  The opening is Giorgio Gigli, musically it does not reflect my personal taste, but it’s techno, definite quality time and deserves my compliments.  The second guest was Peter Van Hoesen who delivers high level of techno but a little too heavy for me.  The thing that impressed me was the dancefloor, always full, usually confronted with this genre of music it is quite difficult to get people to react enthusiastically (at least those were my experiences with techno in Italy).  The dancefloor remained full throughout the night, everyone was dancing and the place never gave the impression of feeling empty of lack luster.  The atmosphere was palpable throughout the evening and everyone was in a really good mood, I never got bored, even for a second.  The guys throwing the club were super hospitable, everything I had heard about Goa seems to be very true and I cannot hid the fact that I can’t wait to go back.  There are many compliments and appreciations to pass along since these days to create a situation with all these qualities I think it’s really, really difficult. 10 +

Here are some low quality videos on youtube from the March 7th party I attended:

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