Release : Doubtingthomas – Capharnaüm EP (OUT SOON)


Release : 03.02.2015

“Aurelien Riviere aka Doubtingthomas has been one of the most faithful artists to the Metroline Limited stable with his first release on the label dating back to 2008. That release was the minimal-esque 5 track digital EP called Carambolage and since then Aurelien has produced another EP and various other tracks for a number of Metroline compilations, but never a 12 single. The wait is finally over and we are very proud to present a Doubtingthomas vinyl release on Metroline Limited! Capharnaüm is a very trippy affair across 3 tracks, 2 originals from Aurelien and a remix from the uber talented Romanian producer from Arpiar fame, Cristi Cons. Off The Grid, the opener, stays within the grid until 3/4 of its lenght. A tight kick leads the way with the help of a pulsating bass and some lush pads in typical Doubtingthomas style. The ‘off’ moment happens after the mid way point when the free jazz element comes in and shuffles the groove…off the grid! Cognitive Dissonance brings more ghost-in-the-box pads, the same production values are there: arpeggio synths, tight drum work and a pitched down/warped down glacial female vocals to add the right amount of spookiness. Cristi Cons is a man on fire at the moment. Each of his releases and remixes always seem to hit the spot with his blend of Romanian minimalism and infectious grooves. And he does what he is best at in his 12 minutes long rework of Cognitive Dissonance. The track is a pacey and driving chunky monster. The pressure is always kept at tipping point by the huge groove and the clever editing of the original parts such as pads and vocal.”


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