Release : Melchior Productions Ltd – Meditations 4-6 (OUT SOON)


Thomas Melchior returns to Perlon as Melchior Productions Ltd with a two-part release called Meditations- six tracks spread across a two part release on vinyl.  The first part of the Meditations series came out in December 1st and the second part is getting ready to be released soon.

“Perlon is the label Thomas Melchior is most aligned with. He’s released some of his best work on Zip and Markus Nikolai’s seminal imprint, while also being responsible for some of the label’s most far-reaching cuts (“Different Places,” “Feel Sensual” and “The Later The Evening…”). He’ll return to Perlon after a three-year hiatus, during which he released music on [a:rpia:r] and his own Aspect Music.” 

Meditations 1-3:
A1 Meditation 1
B1 Meditation 2
B2 Meditation 3

Meditations 4-6:
A1 Meditation 4
B1 Meditation 5
B2 Meditation 6



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